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Dental unit HB2202

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1) Linak autuator (from Danmark)and gas spring (from Germany)make chair moving safely.
2) The backrest made of aluminum alloy and slide way keep patient safe during treatment.
3) Safety switch in backrest avoid possible hurt to dentist's knee.
4) Adjustable head for adult and children.
5) Upholstery from Taiwan is easy to clean.
6) All tubings from taiwan with good quality keep air and water cycle smoothly.
7) Rotatable cuspidor and assistant bar make operating more conveniently.
8) Italian solenoid valve makes working reliably.
9) Memory fuction can set suitable program fordentist.
10) silicone sheet for keyboards are autoclaveable.
11) Multiple function foot pedals for chair and unit make operation easily and conveniently.
12) cold shadowless operating light with three axis rotation is flexible and light.
Cold shadowless operating lamp                                       1PC
X-ray film viewer                                                                      1PC
3-way syrine                                                                             2PCS
Dental stool                                                                              1PC
Controlable boweling and cupfilling system                     1PC
Water suction                                                                           1PC
Air suction                                                                                 1PC
Adjustable constant temperature  cupfilling system        1PC

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