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Company News

  • Notification-We Will Hold Oral Prosthetic Training Course in February

    Pay attention please!A training course named Oral Prosthetic will be held at HB Dental druing 12-15th January.Then we will invite Dr.Rui Zhou as our lecturer.He has acquired not only solid theoretical dental knowledge but also have plenty of dental experience.The training course will last 4 days.And   Read More>

  • Suggestion List to Repair Dental Autoclave

    In the whole world,everything will go wrong,and they need to be repaired.Dental autoclaves are also not the exception.As a professional autoclave sterilizers manufacturer,we not only provide you with new dental autoclaves,but also have some suggestion for you repair your old autoclaves.Getting unique suggestion related to dental autoclave repair, please click to know!   Read More>

  • A New Website of Dental Equipment is Finally Online

    After a long time preparation and check,new official website of is finally online!   Read More>

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