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  • The development potential of the mainland oral care industry is huge

    According to a survey by Forbes, oral education has come a long way in China over the past decade, especially in primary schools. However, the incidence of dental caries and periodontal disease is over 60%, and the treatment rate is only 3%. Therefore, we believe that the development potential of th   Read More>

  • Chinese medical device presents new situation

    Since the reform and opening up, the development of China's medical device industry has attracted worldwide attention, especially since the beginning of the 21st century, the whole industry has entered a stage of rapid growth.   Read More>

  • Six ways to help you successfully identify the dental chair

    In recent years, dental clinic open more and more comprehensive dental treatment machines as the main dental clinics. Dental equipment and dental treatment station of good or bad will directly affect the dental clinic after treatment. The dental chair specializes in buying dental equipment.   Read More>

  • What is a Dental Handpiece?

    Many citizens see dental handpiece as a fog. Dental handpieces, commonly known as dental drills, are the "drill teeth" in the hands of doctors, which can pose a threat to patients' health if they are not strictly sanitized.Dental handpieces are used in almost every oral treatment."You see this is a   Read More>

  • Thinking about video to promote your dental unit through YouTube

    Video is popular, and a video about dental equipment on your dental website can help you draw in more patients. To get it done right, it's a good idea to know your way around YouTube. Here are some easy steps to help.If you are a dental clinic owner, you probably know the role that online marketing   Read More>

  • The latest modern medical device design in dental equipment industry.

    Oral health has a direct impact on human health. With the improvement of people's health awareness, more and more attention is paid to oral care, which also promotes the development of dentistry to a certain extent. In modern dental treatment, medical personnel and patients have higher requirements   Read More>

  • Global dental surgical equipment market will have high growth rates in the next five years

    An authoritative study predicts the Dental Equipment Market accounted 4-5 billion growing during the forecast period of the next five years.In recent time, increasing prevalence of dental diseases and growing aging population are some of the major drivers for global dental surgical equipment market.   Read More>

  • Dental Equipment is a Profitable Investment

    Dental Equipment is a Profitable Investment A Profitable Investment When Integral Dental Unit for a Small Dental Clinic prioritise the importance of investing in costly equipment in order to further develop their facilities, they often fail to recognise that an investment of dental equipment will pr   Read More>

  • Unique Dental Clinic Design Guide

    Once you decided to open a dental clinic,you may get stuck in the clinic decoration unless you are the big boss and don't care about the decoration result.If no,please read the following unique dental clinic design guide with patience.   Read More>

  • What Size of the Dental Autoclave Do I Need

    When it is concerned the size of dental autoclave you are going to purchase,there are 2 main things you should take into consideration.A. The size and quantity of your load and B. The available space in your lab.   Read More>

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