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News and Events

  • Dental Equipment Maintenance and Repair

    Learn more about simple dental equipment repair, disinfection and maintenance tips. Know why proper maintenance of dental instruments is important.   Read More>

  • What Make a Popular Dental Clinic?

    Dental healthcare has gained more and more attention from thousands of families,and as well,more and more dental clinic have been set up not only in developed countries but also in developing countries.But the question is how to become popular among competitors.Is the dental unit that make your dental clinic unique and popular? Today let's have a look at what makes your dental clinic popular.   Read More>

  • AEEDC Dubai-Big Event in Dental Industry

    UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition - AEEDC Dubai is the largest dental event in the MENASA region and the second largest dental event in the world. The event is now stepping into its 22nd edition with the theme “Education & Innovation Transfer ``.Then during 6-8th,February,HB Dental will bring our own dental equipment to take part in this big event.such as dental unit,dental simulation system and dental autoclave.Every dental unit has its own advantages.
      Read More>

  • Notification-We Will Hold Oral Prosthetic Training Course in February

    Pay attention please!A training course named Oral Prosthetic will be held at HB Dental druing 12-15th January.Then we will invite Dr.Rui Zhou as our lecturer.He has acquired not only solid theoretical dental knowledge but also have plenty of dental experience.The training course will last 4 days.And   Read More>

  • Suggestion List to Repair Dental Autoclave

    In the whole world,everything will go wrong,and they need to be repaired.Dental autoclaves are also not the exception.As a professional autoclave sterilizers manufacturer,we not only provide you with new dental autoclaves,but also have some suggestion for you repair your old autoclaves.Getting unique suggestion related to dental autoclave repair, please click to know!   Read More>

  • How to Decorate Your Dental Office

    Tips for decorating your dental office:choose qualified dental cabinetry and chair mounted dental unit,pay more attention to the color assortment.Plan the space utilization.   Read More>

  • How to Maintain Chair Mounted Dental Unit

    As the basic equipment of a dental office,chair mounted dental uint must be maintained from time to time so that it can be used for a relatively long time,and save you quite a lot of money.As for how to Maintain the chair mounted dental unit,today we will share some essential tips.   Read More>

  • Best Chair Mounted Dental Unit-HB Dental China

    HB Dental Units are provided by professional manufacturers China who adhere to stringent internal standards to ensure only the highest quality.Today,let's have a look at our best rated chair mounted dental unit.   Read More>

  • Steam Dental Autoclaves Market to Surpass USD 3 Billion By 2024

    Steam dental autoclaves market is expected to surpass USD 3 billion by 2024; according to a new research study published by Global Market Insights.To see the market growth specification analysis,please click to get more!   Read More>

  • What Is the Dental Autoclave|Sterilizer Operation Procedure?

    Detailed introduction of dental autoclave, sterilizers operation procedure,let you gain more dental knowledge that is not easy to get in dental schools.Come on!Beginner-dentists.   Read More>

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