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News and Events

  • FDI World Dental Congress

    FDI,the biggest international world dental congress will take place on 29th August,in the capital of Spain, aims to bring the world together to improve oral health.At that time,HB Dental,as a professional manufacturer of dental units,will also join in this great event.
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  • Dental Air Compressors VS Shop Air

    We know. Dental air compressors are expensive. And what's the real difference anyway right? As tempting as it is to simply take your wallet down to Sears to buy air compressor we suggest you don't. We have seen many a dentist try to rig an acceptable air compression system to the detriment of the patient and the doctors own handpieces.   Read More>

  • What is the best educational dental simulators for students?

    What is the best educational dental simulators for students?Actually,a technological breakthrough opening a new era in Dental Simulation Training System, educational dental simulators for students has the following features.   Read More>

  • Dental Offices:How to Select Quality Dental Air Compressors

    Dental air compressors are a vital piece of any dental office, since they power many of the most important tools. Selecting the right compressor can help you build a practice poised for growth, while choosing poorly could potentially expose your patients to harm. Considerations dental offices need to pay more attention when selecting the quality dental air compressors.   Read More>

  • Latest Trends and Future Outlook of Dental Instruments and Appliances

    Dental instruments and appliances are the tools that are used by the dental professionals to examine, restore, manipulate tissues or extract teeth. Moreover, these are also used to treat all kinds of dental disorders or deformities.Today let's talk about the Latest Trends and Future Outlook of Dental Instruments and Appliances.   Read More>

  • What is the Best Dental Autoclave for Practice?

    the most suitable machine for a dental practice is a Class B autoclave, because it offers greater flexibility and is suitable for a wide range of settings. Although they are small, Class B autoclaves can offer outstanding performance, unbeatable efficiency and the highest possible safety standards.   Read More>

  • Latest Special Issues on Novel Dental Bio Material and Technology

    Recently, the International and American Associations for Dental Research (IADR/AADR) published a special themed issue of the Journal of Dental Research (JDR) centered on novel dental bio materials and technology.As a professional dental lab equipment supplier,Huarui has always been trying to innovate and develop new dental equipment materials,and meanwhile,provides latest dental lab industry news to our customers all around the world.
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  • What Is Dental Equipment

    Dental equipment, also known as dental unit, is an integral part of medical technology and equipment, refers to the specialized production and provided to qualified personnel in the dental clinical or its associated operational steps in the use of the Equipment, machinery, and accessories in general.   Read More>

  • A New Website of Dental Equipment is Finally Online

    After a long time preparation and check,new official website of is finally online!   Read More>

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