5 of the Most Basic Dental Equipment Used in Dentistry

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If you are a dentist or are working in a dental office, or if you are a regular visitor of a dentist’s clinic, you may come across many equipments and tools that are used in the dental industry.HB Dental,as a professional manufacturer of clinic dental unit, We list some of the most common dental equipment and their use:

Dental Chair:

Also known as a dental engine, this equipment facilitates power supply for dental handpieces apart from providing comfortable seating positions for patients while they are examined in a dental clinic.

HB Dental patient chairs.png

Thermo disinfectors: These are used for cleaning disinfecting and sterilizing dental instruments.

Water Distillers: These are the most cost effective solutions for supply of distilled and demineralized water for use in steam autoclaves.

water distillers for dental clinic.png

Air Compressors: these are used generally during dental surgery to blow dry, clean air onto the tooth.

dental air compressor.jpg

Dental Handpieces: also known as dental drills, these are used for drilling of teeth with high speeds, to sharpen or shape teeth, removal of decay and other such dental procedures.