Chinese medical device presents new situation

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Since the reform and opening up, the development of China's medical device industry has attracted worldwide attention, especially since the beginning of the 21st century, the whole industry has entered a stage of rapid growth. In the past five years, the number of medical institutions in China has steadily increased. In the next few years, a large number of medical infrastructure investment will be brought, and medical device manufacturers will benefit.

1. Good regional development.

With the development of the medical device industry in China, the country has formed several medical equipment industry clusters and manufacturing development belt, the pearl river delta, the Yangtze river delta and beijing-tianjin bohai bay three regions become domestic three big medical equipment industry clusters.

Shanghai has a deep industrial base, and Shanghai is the leading medical device industry in China, whether it is product or technology. With Shanghai as the center of the Yangtze river delta region (including jiangsu, zhejiang) is one of medical apparatus and instruments three industrial clusters in our country, this region is characterized by industry is developing rapidly, small and medium-sized enterprise active, obvious regional feature, the disposable medical devices and supplies the domestic market share of more than half. Besides, there are like the eye equipment in suzhou, wuxi medical ultrasound, microwave, radio frequency (rf) tumor thermotherapy in nanjing, ningbo, MRI and Shanghai's comprehensive strength, are relatively prominent.

2. Trade surplus, but import growth is obviously stronger than exports.

China's economic slowdown is a change in the growth model brought by the current economic transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment. Although the growth rate is lower than in the previous two digits, this growth is more important as it develops towards a more balanced, higher quality and more durable trend. Medical equipment trade in our country is much higher than the import export, this has to do with the present world divergent various economies, such as developed economies but modest employment growth limited, emerging economies is conditioned by inflationary pressures and economic growth is slowing, etc, resulting in a decline in the global economy overall demand of medical devices and how much on medical devices in China's foreign trade has a certain impact.

3. Increased r&d investment.

China's medical device industry has basically formed a multi-disciplinary research and development system. China has begun to enter into the development of high-grade products, mainly from small to large, from weak to strong new stage. But the core technology of premium products is largely controlled by big foreign companies. At present, the country has increased the investment in medical equipment research and development. Only establish a domestic medical equipment industry enterprises as the main body, the market as the guidance, combining production, study and research, and technology innovation system, integrate social resources fully, to group the advantage of driving the development of industry, can be better to be near to the international level, get a more rapid development.

4. The overall level of the industry is at a moderate level in the world.

The innovation capacity of medical device enterprises in China has been enhanced, but the technological innovation and the ability of transformation of achievements have been weak. Key components depend on imports, and high-end products are still copied and improved. China has a huge market potential, and some fields of science and engineering research have reached the international advanced level. Moreover, the world medical device front industry has only been started for more than 10 years, and our country is extremely hopeful to approach and catch up with the international level.

5. Foreign brands and joint ventures have an advantage in the high-end market.

High-end medical equipment market is still in the hands of the developed countries, the current market of high-end products, such as CT, MRI and other high-end medical imaging products or from a handful of developed countries, such as the USA and Japan. They have advanced technology, and are the leader in the development of the global medical device industry.