Dental Equipment Maintenance and Repair

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Learn more about simple dental equipment repair, disinfection and maintenance tips. Know why proper maintenance of dental instruments is important.

Let's face it: managing a dental office and the necessary dental equipment repair tasks can be time consuming because of the amount of equipment that must be routinely cleaned, disinfected and maintained. This dental equipment repair and replacement must be timely to ensure patient and staff safety.

A dental equipment maintenance checklist is a great tool to ensure that essential tasks aren't missed or performed late. Performing regular dental equipment maintenance helps it to run smoothly and reliably and minimizes the risk for poor functioning or damage. It can also extend the life of your instruments and equipment, saving you money.


Dental Equipment Maintenance Checklist

Use this dental equipment maintenance checklist of daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks to help you organize your office. Don’t forget to check state and local requirements and add dental equipment servicing tasks that are specific to your office or remove ones that don't apply.


Flush water through the handpieces and air/water syringes

Lubricate and sterilize handpieces

Lubricate prophy angles, contra angle, and nose cones between patients

Disinfect operatory equipment after each patient

Flush handpiece waterlines between each patient

Run suction cleaner through the operatory HVE and saliva ejector tubings

Clean out delivery unit traps

Drain and wipe out ultrasonic cleaner

Check hazardous and infectious waste/Sharps containers and replace as needed



Change the traps on the delivery units

Check and replace O-rings on handpieces couplers

Check and replace gaskets on handpieces

Perform biological spore test in each sterilizer

Check for safety hazards in the office



Check, clean and replace plaster trap.

Clean the model trimmer.

Clean the panoramic/cephalic cassettes and intensifying screen.

Check nitrous oxide systems and emergency oxygen units to ensure that they are working properly and do not need to be replaced or repaired.

Check, clean or replace master trap.

Look at the office from the dental chair to see the office from the patient's perspective and clean as needed.

Check patient monitoring equipment is up to code and working properly.



Change sterilizer door gasket and cassette seals

Change oil of compressor

Inspect fire extinguisher, smoke alarm and emergency lighting

Schedule inspection, calibration, and certification of x-ray equipment

Review OSHA, HIPAA, and state guidelines and conduct OSHA trainings

Review emergency procedures with staff


Dental Equipment Maintenance Kit

In addition to performing regular dental equipment repair and maintenance, keeping an emergency kit for last minute dental equipment servicing is a must for every office. Some ideas for what to keep in your kit include:

Handpiece: lube, cleaner and spare turbines, chucks and bur tools

Air compressor: oil and intake valves

Vacuum: intake filter, line cleaner, traps and canisters

Spare light bulbs: handpieces, curing lights and operatory lights

Spare O-rings and gaskets

All owner's manuals and equipment invoices in case of warranty issues

Keeping these basic self-maintenance items make it easier to perform simple dental equipment repair tasks while they are small and easily managed problems, without letting them progress to more serious issues. In addition, keeping manuals and invoices in a secure place allows you to easily contact the manufacturer in case of a serious problem in need of dental equipment servicing.

HB Dental Equipment Maintenance

To make this task a little easier, HB Dental is proud to offer their dental equipment maintenance and service kit. It contains the parts needed to perform a regular preventive maintenance check, as well as a maintenance log to simplify documentation. The maintenance is performed according to HB Dental’s maintenance schedule of checks, replacements and certifications and is customized to each treatment unit. You even have the option of having one of our certified specialist dealers perform the dental equipment repair and maintenance for you. Contact HB Dental for more information on this valuable kit and service today!