Five Minutes to Help You Know About Elderly Dental Care

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Medical experts encourage dental and oral health to boost general physical health. The mouth is the gateway to good health, especially for elderly people. As you age, the body is more likely to face susceptibility to contracting diseases. Regular dental checkups are mandatory for seniors. However, accessing good regular dental care is not easy for senior citizens. Below are a number of factors that lead to this:

1. Dental care cost

Medical coverage for most insurance companies is limited. This makes it very hard for the elderly to access good dental care. The out-of-pocket expense is very expensive and these limits use to those who have a fixed income during their elderly years. One of the reasons behind this factor is the expensive dental clinic equipment. This dental equipment cost is very high with respect to purchase and maintenance, which falls back on the patient.

2. Limited Dental instrument suppliers

The suppliers of this equipment are very limited, which leads to limited services. 

The products include:

• Dental chair pillows (conforming pillow, knee pillow, head cradle, neck pillow)

• Homecare products (mouth rests and surround toothbrushes)

• Mouth props

• Boosters and cushions (chair cushions, wheelchair head support, chair cushion, booster seat)

• Airway positioners (They come in varying materials such as plastic sheaths, vinyl, or foam)

• Stabilizing products (head stabilizer, stabilizing board, stabilizing wrap, or board wrap combinations)

Most elderly people find it easier to get dental care in the comfort of their home instead of in hospitals. This is more comfortable and accommodative to them. Thus, for a dentist who seeks to offer this home dental care service, he or she needs to have the five-key dental clinic equipment. The following are some of the dental clinic equipment that should be used mandatorily to improve dental health:

1. Mouth mirror- This is similar to the one in the clinic. It helps in showing the areas that have not been addressed when flossing or brushing. They can help the person locate the discolorations and calories that are amplifying the sensitivity of the teeth. It could also help monitor the treatment that was previously done which would locate any negative signs at the onset o the recovery period.

2. Tongue scrapper- Bacteria forms and accumulates on the tongue with time, which leads t bad breath. Thus, you are advised to constantly brush your tongue after meals. A tongue scraper comes in handy for this job. Just as its name suggests it can be used to rid the tongue of any plaque formation.

3. Mouthwash- Mouthwash prevents bad breathe, strengthens teeth, and reduces the plaque. When you purchase it from your local dental instrument supplier, make sure that it contains an odor neutralizer, fluoride, and antimicrobial agents.

4. Dental floss- Floss helps eliminate the food particles that are stuck between the teeth. It reduces the chances of plaque formation, tooth decay and bad breath. Alternatively, you could find interdental cleaners.

5. Oral irrigators- This Dental clinic equipment helps in generating a powerful water stream that eliminates food particles and plaque between the teeth.