Global dental surgical equipment market will have high growth rates in the next five years

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An authoritative study predicts the Dental Equipment Market accounted 4-5 billion growing  during the forecast period of the next five years.In recent time, increasing prevalence of dental diseases and growing aging population are some of the major drivers for global dental surgical equipment market.People's concern about teeth is increasing year by year. More and more dental diseases or the rise of cosmetic dentistry have led to the development and prosperity of the dental equipment market.

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Increasing cases of dental caries and periodontal diseases


Regular consumption of tobacco and unhealthy foods are the major causes of dental diseases. Some of the major dental diseases are plaque, cavities and periodontal disease. Plaque is an excessive accumulation of the bacteria and germs that normally live in mouth. Cavities are holes where bacteria damages tooth's enamel. Periodontal disease is one of the major serious dental disorders that cause gum recession and damages soft and hard tissues. Some dental diseases, such as cavities and periodontal disease, requires dental surgeries for their treatment. These surgeries are carried out by specific dental surgical equipments. Some of the major dental surgical equipments are hand pieces, dental lasers, autoclave machine,vacuum dental furnace and intra oral and extra oral radiology equipment.


Rise in demand for cosmetic dentistry


Due to the rising population and increasing per capita incomes of middle class populations,rising awareness towards dental and oral health also boosts growth of the dental surgical equipment market. Increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry and rising number of dental clinics and practitioners are also supporting in growth of dental surgical equipment market. Innovative applications of dental surgical equipments, such as it provides less painful surgeries and faster recovery from diseases, hold immense potential for the growth of the global dental surgical equipment market.