How to choose dental chair?

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In recent years, dental clinic, to open more and more comprehensive dental treatment machines as the main dental clinics, dental hospital dental equipment, dental treatment station of good or bad will directly affect the dental clinic after treatment. The dental chair specializes in buying dental equipment.

1.First of all, depends on how much you expect business, volume is very small, if you expected budget is small, so suggest you demand of the hydraulic controlled dental chair, the low price of this dental chair, but poor durability. If it's a dental clinic with a business volume, it's also a major consideration for electric dental chairs.

The dental chair produced in Europe is mainly motor control chair position movement, open the chair face can see the small motor that controls the back action of the chair. Therefore, when you expect a large volume of business, you should choose this dental chair as much as possible. It is more durable, but the price is higher.

Of course, more and more dental clinics now use electric dental chairs as primary dental equipment.

2. after choosing the model of dental chair, it is necessary to see whether the configuration is suitable for you. If you're an oral cavity physician, you can avoid strong suction (if it's not an option but a standard one). In fact, two phones are a luxury configuration, and you can reduce your demand by one.

3. to identify the quality of the comprehensive dental treatment equipment, and to observe the following aspects.

First, look at the appearance of the machine, and see if the combination of the shell is tight, and if the gap is large, the quality is not clear.

Then, take a look at the finish of the metal fittings and the machining accuracy, the metal parts here mainly refer to the three spray gun and mobile phone sleeve, if they are very rough, indicating poor quality. Finally, open the shell to observe the seat control heart: motor or oil pump.

Specific inspection section as follws:

1. the hygienic situation of the dental chair. There is no health corner, and the health dead Angle is the part that is difficult to clean, or cannot be cleaned. Some of the arms have rubber covers that are used to hold the joints and keep them beautiful. These rubbers are, in a strict sense, hygienic dead ends, which can keep bacteria alive. The material requirements of the chair surface can be disinfected with disinfectant (such as alcohol) and if not, it is not in accordance with sanitary requirements. Strong and weak suction requirements can be matched with a disposable straw, such as a straw can be used repeatedly, the requirement can withstand 135 degrees high temperature sterilization. Of course, multi-function foot switch, no sense lamp is to meet the need of hygiene.

2. the after-sale service of dental chair, especially the dental chair repair. Many doctors have found that some companies sell the products, rarely to after-sales service, service or not, the machine problem, cannot be repaired immediately, caused a lot of unnecessary loss. The dental chair is perfect in after-sales service, 24 hour response mechanism, three years guarantee for the whole machine of flent dental chair, save time and save money for our customers.

3. dental chair installation is very important. If the installation, debugging is not in place, there will also be problems, which every experienced engineer will understand. So, when buying the dental chair, must find the strength is abundant, and acting good products company, ask it to provide you with complete installation drawing, such as product dimensions, technical parameters, actively cooperate with.