How to Clean the Dental Instruments

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For dental clinic,hygienic problems should be full of concern.The cleaness of dental instruments directly refers to dental patients' health.Today,HB Dental has prepared an article to show you a step-by-step of how to clean dental instruments.


The cleaning of dental instruments and materials is nothing more than the removal of the dirt, reducing the microbial charge, the organic matter and other contaminants; assuring the maintenance of the instrument’s lifespan.

The cleaning can happen through two kinds of procedures:

1.Mechanical Cleaning

Automated procedure by means of water jet washers or low frequency ultrasound, that operates under different conditions of time and temperature.

2. Manual Cleaning

Manual procedure by means of physical action applied to the instrument’s surface.  You can use: soft-bristled brush and long cable, wire brush for drills, brush for cleaning lumen, sink with deep tub faucet with steerable jet, detergent and running water.


After completing the cleaning of the instruments, they must be carefully rinsed with filtered water.

*DISINFECTION (in case you don't have an dental autoclave)

It’s a physical or chemical process that eliminates most of the pathogenic microorganisms, except bacterial spores. The disinfection potency must be defined according to the article to be treated between the levels: low, medium and high.


The instruments must be opened and dried with compressed air pistols with no oil or humidity, or they can be dried with paper towels and clean lint-free cloth.



This step verifies the efficiency of the cleaning process and the integrity conditions of the article. If necessary, proceed again to cleaning or replace the article. The deteriorated instruments or the ones that show corrosion indications must be separated and sent to re-wash.



For autoclave’s sterilization, the strictly cleaned and dried material must be packed in packages made with material that allow the passage of steam.  The most recommended is the surgical paper.  During this step it’s important to use chemical indicators to evaluate the presence of critical parameters of the steam sterilization: time, temperature and presence of steam. These tapes react chemically altering its color and should be placed inside each package before sterilization.



Sterilization is the process that mains to destroy or eliminate all microbial life forms through physical or chemical procedures.  To ensure sterilization, it is essential that the steps already mentioned here are correctly followed.

In Dentistry, the sterilization process indicated is the physical, using saturated steam under pressure (autoclave).

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