How to Maintain Chair Mounted Dental Unit

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As the basic equipment of a dental office,chair mounted dental unit must be maintained from time to time so that it can be used for a relatively long time,and save you quite a lot of money.

As for how to Maintain the chair mounted dental unit,today we will share some essential tips.

1.Lubricating the DC Motor Once a Half Year

Now most of the chair mounted dental unit for dental clinic is still equipped with DC Motor,beacause DC motor dental unit is famous for its safe voltage,low noise.In the Mechatronics Integration phase,you'd better lubricate the dental chair unit with yellow butter once a half year.

2.Scrubing the PU Chair Surface

Some dental patients might bring sharps things within their clothes like keys,knives and so on.So you'd better escape from this situation.And another useful method is to scrub the PU chair surface,especially before the winter season.

3.Do not Pull the Oral Light Repeatedly 

The oral light arm is controlled by the tension spring, so under the non-working circumstances, try not to pull the lamp repeatedly.

After reading this small passage,HB Dental really hope all the dental offices can benefit a lot.If you need to update your dental equipment,please contact us for more dental product infomation.