Researchers have developed a 3D printing denture for anti-fungal infections

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Washington, April 29 (xinhua) (reporter Zhou Zhou) scientific research team in the United States use 3 d printing technology to develop a special kind of denture, the denture can contain regularly release microcapsule of antifungal drugs, can effectively prevent wear dentures person economy of oral infection.

Recently published in the journal materials, communications today's research shows that this kind of 3 d printing dentures polymethyl methacrylate material is adopted, this is a kind of commonly used in the manufacture of clinical implant dentures and artificial joints, etc

The researchers in this kind of material in a permeable, biodegradable microspheres, and injection of antifungal drugs in the microspheres "amphotericin B," drugs through a porous layer spread to the false teeth in the wearer's mouth. Unlike traditional dentures, patients can disinfect their mouths when they wear them.

After the test, the researchers point out, microspheres can continue to release drugs, and can effectively inhibit candida albicans in the mouth "settled", and 3 d printing dentures in performance, such as compressive strength, impact resistant and traditional denture.

Senior author, state university of New York at buffalo school of dental oral praveen, assistant professor of department of biology, Alan, he said, the technique for clinical doctors in the dental chair beside can customize for patients with dentures, traditional production process needs several days to several weeks.

The team said further research would be conducted to strengthen the dentures using materials such as fiberglass and carbon nanotubes. In addition, this technique can be applied to various clinical tools such as splints, scaffolds and prostheses.