The latest modern medical device design in dental equipment industry.

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Oral health has a direct impact on human health. With the improvement of people's health awareness, more and more attention is paid to oral care, which also promotes the development of dentistry to a certain extent. In modern dental treatment, medical personnel and patients have higher requirements for dental medical devices. This also drives the dental equipment manufacturers to continuously upgrade the products, and use more efficient, safe, convenient and comfortable product services to meet people's use needs and emotional needs. The upgrading of dental medical equipment is not only reflected in the function, but also in the industrial design level of the equipment. Below, we share classic design cases of dental medical devices.


This is the design of a dental treatment device that won the German IF award in 2018, designed by the German design company (f/g design GmbH). The morphology design elegant, concise and beautiful, and starting from the human body engineering, the design of seat on the back, adjustable instrument tray is let the doctor in the mouth or used in surgery can easily obtain the required instruments, can work under natural posture at the same time; Single-piece seats and folding racks allow patients to be treated in the most stable and comfortable position. Can touch control panel with an intuitive graphical user interface and the external display, easy to operate, can effectively help doctors and patients to communicate clearly and easily work for medical space at the same time, also bring comfortable treatment experience for patients.


Common dental medical instrument design, of course, also include dental mobile phones, oral sterilizer, manual rotation, dental instruments, dental injections of dental instruments, such as the design of the equipment, and with the development of medical science and technology, dental medical equipment products in the future will be more science and technology, intelligence, human nature, people can enjoy more quality of dental care.