The New Development of Dental Chairs

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Dental chair is regarded as the most important apparatus in a dentist’s office, and its proper use assists the dentist in properly treating the dental ailment of its patient. It is a uniquely designed chair, which is equipped with a moveable tray and an automated adjustable seat. The head of the chair is equipped with headlights, which a dentist uses for treating his patient. No dental procedure is completed without the use of a dental unit in a dentist’s office.

The introduction of first dentist chair was brought forward in 1832, and since then, a large number of significant improvements have been made in the dental chairs, which have augmented their comfort and versatility level to no bounds. It was nearly 300 years back when the dental procedures were performed in an erratic method, which required the dentist to hold the head of its patient between its knees.

Ever since, the dentists took notice of the discomfort that the patients experienced during the dental procedure, and it moved them to start developing new dental chairs. The timeline of the dental chairs can be categorized as follows:

First mechanical chair 1832

The first mechanical chair was introduced in 1832, and it was made by James Snell. The structure of the first mechanical comprised an adjustable back and seat. When the patient leaned back on the seat, it resulted in elevating the footrest of the chair.

The Perkin’s Chair 1855

The Perkin’s Chair shared similarities with its former versions, and it consisted of a ball and socket joint which clamped the chair in a desirable position.


SS White Diamond Chair #3 1917


The SS White Diamond Chair #3 was introduced as an innovative dental chair, which was unique, hygienic, and compact in its structure. The development of this dental chair complied with cutting-edge dental procedures practiced over the years. The model of this dental chair has stemmed a design for modern dental chairs which were introduced in the upcoming years.

Reclining dental chairs

When the former dental chairs were modernized to an extent, there was a need for reclining dental chairs, which catered to adjust the mobility and adjustability of the chair to an extent. the chair introduced by John Naughton featured a four-handed structure, which served as a prototype for modern dental units which were introduced in the future.



Belmon X-Caliber dental chair

Dental chairs have been modernized over the years, and the introduction of the Belmon X-Caliber dental chair was no exception. The modern derivative of dental chairs allotted a number of advanced features to a dental practitioner. The chair is equipped to endure a 600 lbs. lift capacity, and it is also endowed with quick exit, anatomical adjustability, and trays for storing dental apparatus.


Pelton & Crane

The introduction of Pelton & Crane dental chair reformed the scope of dental chairs in general. It has sought its design inspiration from its former predecessor, and it is incorporated with elements which makes it appeal ergonomically optimized. The dental chair is considered to be the most comfortable and dental chair up to date, and it is equipped with a wide toeboard and form-fitted seat to perform a dental procedure on the patient.


The addition of a duel articulating headrest is adjusted with a 30-degree range, which allows a dentist to perform a procedure with precision and accuracy.