Topics of most concern at Dentech China 2017 in Shanghai

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"How about the dental unit waterline testing standard?" " what is the dental unit design looks like?"  These are two important questions that customers pay more attention at Dentech China 2017 in Shanghai.

DenTech China is China’s leading professional event for the dentistry technology industry. As the pioneer event of its kind with the inaugural event commencing in 1994, DenTech China has since grown 20 years in experience in organizing the must-attend conference for dentists seeking continued accredited education as well as international buyers, traders, and distributors looking to source high-quality and costs efficient dental unit products and equipment produced in China and throughout Asia. 

This time HB Dental has taken our dental clinic equipment to take part in this big event.On-site we attracted colleagues and customers from all over the world.With our customers and colleagues,we share the dental unit industry developing trends and R&D innovation.As the best dental unit manufacturer China,HB Dental really thanks for the big supporting of all friends.

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