What is a Dental Handpiece?

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Many citizens see dental handpiece as a fog. Dental handpieces, commonly known as dental drills, are the "drill teeth" in the hands of doctors, which can pose a threat to patients' health if they are not strictly sanitized.

Dental handpieces are used in almost every oral treatment.

"You see this is a dental handpiece, the most commonly used device for oral treatment, and it is used almost every treatment. Handpiece operation to the patients in the mouth, close contact with patients saliva, blood, fluid of gingival sulcus, etc., its surface and inside the nose turbine components and pipe after use may be different levels of pathogenic microorganism pollution." The director of the department of nursing of the city dental hospital and the deputy director of the hospital, held the mobile phone to show to the reporter. We sees this heavy and small "dental handpiece" bit shape, and common cell phone wind horse not photograph, inside seem to have the secret.

Dental mobile phone in the process of application often had to with the saliva in the mouth, the blood, tissue fragments, secretions and plaque have close contact, such as its external and internal all could be affected by different degree of pollution of pathogenic microorganisms, without sterilization or disinfection is not complete, at the same time can cause HBV and HIV infection.

High temperature and high pressure steam sterilization for dental handpieces.

however, due to the purchase of disinfection equipment and a number of dental handset to invest too much (general dental handsets to thousands of yuan is the highest ten thousand yuan, import disinfection furnace more than 50000 yuan a), combined with the mobile phone to do thorough disinfection process trival, worry about pressure steam sterilization will damage the mobile phone affect longevity, the industry at present there are no disinfection facilities for dental clinic, but only to the disinfection of the dental using alcohol or other external disinfection disinfectant, rarely inner pollution problems paying attention to the phone.


Compared with the previous domestic about dental disinfection methods, disinfection experts think the use of mobile phone surface chemical disinfectant wipes and immersion disinfection is not desirable, lina yeh thought, for it is best to use dental handsets disinfection of vacuum furnace, hired by the ministry of health of the medical institutions dental equipment disinfection technical operation specification to high temperature and high pressure steam sterilization of dental, when consumer is dentist, must understand the clinic is equipped with a number of dental handsets and disinfection equipment, pay attention to the use of mobile phone is really "one man, one with a disinfection and sterilization".