What Is the Dental Autoclave|Sterilizer Operation Procedure?

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For those beginner-dentists,knowing how to operate the dental equipments affects your professionalism a lot.Among all the dental units for dental office,it is the dental autoclave,also called sterilizer that gained more doubt in operation procedure.Today we will have a detail explanation about it.

Dental Equipment Sterilization Principle

In most dental practices equipment is sterilized by saturated steam. The sterilizer (or autoclave) works by pressurizing a chamber 100% with steam while removing all air inside the chamber. Once the chamber is up to sterilization temperature it turns on a timer. Once the timer counts down it vents the steam then letting air back in to the chamber. It then applies heat to let the cassettes fully dry – this is known as the “dry cycle”. If a cassette/pack did not get exposed to hot enough consistent temperatures or did not dry at the end of the exposure process the instruments would then have to be run through the process again. Once fully sterilized these cassettes are moved to clean storage.

Don't Remember One Tip in Practice

At the end of the autoclave process if the wrapped cassettes and sterilization pouches did not change color it is possible that the sterilizer is not working right and you may need an autoclave repair.

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