What Size of the Dental Autoclave Do I Need

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When it is concerned the size of dental autoclave you are going to purchase,there are 2 main things you should take into consideration.

A. The size and quantity of your load 

B. The available space in your lab.

In other words, throughput capacity dictates the size autoclave you need,while floor space determines what you can actually accommodate.

Common sizes range from tabletop autoclaves to small, medium, and large (bulk) autoclaves.

Tabletop autoclaves tend to be inexpensive units that are ideal for a very limited audience, i.e., those concerned with sterilizing only small, basic equipment, such as dental practices or tattoo shops.

Small, medium, and large bulk autoclaves are more appropriate options for clinical, animal, life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, commercial,industrial, and medical research applications. 

large dental autoclave.png

Often called laboratory autoclaves, these chambers have an internal volume capacity ranging from 2 cubic feet to upwards of 200 cubic feet and boast a variety of configurations, from single door, gravity units to vacuum walk-in autoclaves.

So the core of deciding to buy which size dental autoclaves is to consider your business completely,think wisely and make the right decision.