Dental Suction Unit DVS-3 Dental Suction Unit DVS-3

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1.It is separated,dry and large volume dental vacuum suction system,anideal suctionsystem for morden dental clinic.
2.It adopts high performance,two volution pumps,characterizing ascompact configuration,small volume,low noise,3-5 times effectiveness thanother pumps.
3.The eeparation tank and suction tank is installed integratedly,which savesthe surplus pipes and decreases the loss of pressure.
4.It has the self-protection function on liquid postion,which makes sure thesuction system works safetly and without being weted.
5.The venting of liquid is automatic and in time,which saves maintenancecost.
6.It can be used to run three dental units simultaneously.

Maximum vacuum:24Kpa
Maximum exhaust airflow:1450L/min
Separation tank volume:15L
Working liquid capacity:12L
Turn-on way:Manual
Running capacity:3 dentalunits