Mobile Dental Unit-MU 01(US) Mobile Dental Unit-MU 01(US)

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  • Product Description
  • Technical Data Sheet
·Automatic control for three handpieces, handpiece tubing, 4-hole Midwest;
·Asepsis 3-way air/water syringe;
·Pneumatic master control block w/diaphragm;
·Individual handpiece pressure adjustment;
·Individual water coolant adjustment;
·Air coolant adjustment;
·handpiece flush
·Handpiece exhaust filter/oil collector;
·1 autoclavable HVE and saliva ejector and tubing;
·Vacuum Canister with removable screen;
·Self contained clean water system,single bottle 1 liter;
·Wet/dry foot control;
·Adjustable height frame, 26” to 34”
·Twin wheel hard floor casters;
·External 7’ umbilical;
·Master on/off, Standard utility center with housing and cover air pressure regulator with filter,master air shut-off valve;
·The saliva ejector is an air powered;
·The HVE assembly is an air powered.