Mobile Dental Unit-MU 02-6 Mobile Dental Unit-MU 02-6

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·3-way Syringe 1pc
(2/4)hole High Speed Handpiece Hose 1pc
(2/4)hole Low Speed Handpiece Hose 1pc
Saliva Ejector 1pc
Clean Water Bottle System(600ML) 1set
Dirt Bottle System(1000ML) 1set
Self-Contained Oilless compressor (580W 60L/min) Noise ≤62dB(A) 1set
Air Storage Tank (9L)
Foot-Controller 1set
Easy to remove cabinet dental cart and wide instrument tray
Mute Powerful Sunction
High Efficient Air/Water Separator
Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler
LED Curing Light
Fiber Optic Handpiece Hose
Oral Endoscope
LCD Liquid Crystal Display/Arm